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Women Crush Wednesday - Rachel Nelson

Women Crush Wednesday - Rachel Nelson

We are so excited to launch our #WCW series with Rachel Nelson who just so happens to be one of our favorite female entrepreneurs and is an incredible example of a girl living her truth. Rachel is a 20-something business owner, Makeup Artist, Jesus lover, and roll-with-the-punches kind of gal. We love Rachel because she exudes grace, isn’t afraid of grit, and has an incredible laugh. She also did some modeling for us this year and we can’t get enough of her beautiful spirit! We just know you’re going to love her as much as we do!

LP: Tell us about yourself!
R: My name Is Rachel and I live near gorgeous Destin, Florida. I am from a huge family and am the oldest of five girls. I personally think I have the coolest job- I do hair and makeup services for a living! I am a licensed cosmetologist and Aveda trained stylist. I also own my own wedding business named Dear Bride with my best friend Kasey. We specialize in bridal, engagement, and boudoir makeup and hair looks. I also work on the side doing hair and makeup for anything from senior pictures to children’s catalogs. I am a person of many passions and love expanding my personal resume. Growing, learning, new experiences, listening and learning from others is what makes me feel alive. I love my job because I feel like using my hands and creating is how I give to others.


LP: Name three things you cannot live without:

R: My top three things I cannot live without would be my family, activities or opportunities to create art, and opportunities to help others. 


LP: What’s your current guilty pleasure:

R: My current guilty pleasure is buying makeup because I can just say it’s for work. So I may not technically need it, but.... I think I do ;)


LP: If you could have dinner with any woman, past or present, who would it be?

R: I want to have dinner with Nujood Ali. She was a child bride who stood up to injustice and has since inspired many other child brides to break out of their culture's social norms in search for better education and life. At the young age of 10 she filed for divorce from her abusive husband. I would love to sit next to that brave girl and hear her speak.


LP: What is your passion right now?

R: My main passion right now is my job. I LOVE what I do. I am blessed enough to have my hobby also be my job. I love being a part of a bride’s special day and making her feel confident and gorgeous, as well as working on funky high fashion looks to feed my artistic side. I truly love enhancing a persons face; working with their bone structure instead of carving out new features with makeup. God created so many different faces and I have a love for what makes each person unique.


LP: Tell us something you’ve done lately that is out of your comfort zone:

R: Something I have done recently that was out of my comfort zone was model for Ashley! The creator behind LYTE. She sent me a text message asking me and before I could over think it and soak in all of my insecurities I just said “YES.” This may seem silly to a lot of you, but I am always behind the camera making women and men look flawless with makeup. This was me putting my face and my body in front of the suddenly become aware of every part of your body when its being photographed. It was uncomfortable in a growing pain kind of way. I am very thankful I did it though. I think it was a good step toward loving myself where I'm at. Not where I wish I was.


LP: What is inspiring us right now?

 R: I'm really inspired by children's fashion and metallic right now. I've been dying to work on a photo shoot playing with these elements! Kids are so versatile and I would love to explore more opportunities to style them for high fashion scenes.


LP: Give us a tip for getting through a tough day:

R: Tip for getting through a tough day- I can get easily overwhelmed. I feel like all the things I have to do are just hovering over my head and suffocating me. This is why being a “List Person” is so important for me. I just have to stop- write down all the things that are floating above me and pin them to a piece of paper. First off, this makes them way less intimidating. This takes those things from “AHH too much” to “Wait, this isn't so bad.” I can see it all so clearly just put in front of me instead of swirling around in my mind. Most of the time I feel like I have a million things to do, but once I put it on paper I see there are about 10 immediate things that are TOTALLY doable. If you get stressed or overwhelmed on a bad day, make a list! LYTE has some super cute note pads to keep your thoughts organized too! 


LP: What does it mean to you personally to “Live Your Truth?”

 R: I personally live my truth by doing what I love. I am not into all the instagram makeup trends that change a person's face completely. I want people to feel comfortable with the features that they already have. I want to enhance and play up your best features! I feel like God has given me a heart for others and an artistic eye. By working with the gifts and talents I have been blessed with, I can then bless others. I live my truth by accepting this crazy life of owning your own business. Of not fitting into a traditional mold and by learning to build a mold for myself! Its hard and challenging, but I feel like I’m doing what my talents intended me to do.


LP: If you could give other 20-somethings one piece of advice, what would it be?

 R: Advice for others in their twenties would be don't compare! “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Don't compare yourself to someone in their 30's or 40's, they have more time in- more experience. Don't compare yourself to someone the same age as you. We ALL have different life experiences that take us to different places- don't miss out on your special journey because it doesn't look like someone else's. Use those people to inspire your work ethic and push you- don't aim to be just like them! We are all gifted with different talents, strengths, weaknesses, and convictions. That’s what make us special.  


LP: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

R: That's a hard one for me honestly! I'm in a growing phase right now. I see a couple different directions I could take and I'm still trying to decide where I want that to lead me. I'm trying to fine tune what I want, what I want my priorities to be, and from there I need to chose a direction that best helps me keep my priorities in place. Once I aim for a direction, then I can set some short and long term goals that will help me with that 5-year plan. But for now- I'm going to be honest and open and admit I don't have any idea where I will be in 5 years! Thankfully, God’s grace is good and He will meet me there, so I'm not too worried.


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    I found this so inspiring! Thankyou for sharing, this is a great read!

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