LYTE makes unique day planners and pretty paper goods for the the girls who want MORE out of life!
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We are so excited that you found Live Your Truth Everyday (LYTE)!

The mission of LYTE is to inspire women to live from a place of awareness and honesty with one's self in order to create their very best life!

LYTE was created in 2014 after founder and creative director, Ashley Matyac won a year-long cancer battle. Ashley's cancer battle forced her to pause and reevaluate her priorities and how she wanted to live her life. For the very first time, Ashley took the time to write out how she wanted to spend her time, who she wanted to be, and what kind of legacy she wanted to leave. She started calling this her "truth" and now lives from this mantra every single day.

LYTE exists to help YOU discover your truth and live it out fearlessly and unapologetically too!

Everything we do, make, sell, or donate at LYTE comes from that heartbeat. We want to help you live your truth.

The LYTE Planner is unique in that it's been created to help you do just that.

The LYTE Planner is about defining who you truly want to be and how you really want to spend your time and building your life and schedule around those answers. The LYTE Planner starts with the "Truth Resolution" letter where you define who you want to be and what you want your year to look like. The LYTE Planner is also full of "Truth Prompts" which are one-of-a-kind journal pages that exist to help you nail down answers to the harder questions and prioritize the people and things that matter most to you. Each day in the LYTE Planner also starts with a "Truth Focus" which is there to keep you centered and focused every day no matter how crazy your schedule may get! Finally, the LYTE Planner has extras like a "Bucket List" and "Goals" sheet to keep you dreaming, discovering, and doing! More than anything, the LYTE Planner encourages you to live from your place of truth so you can create a life that you're truly proud of.

Whatever your truth is, we want you to LIVE IT LOUD! Time is precious and we have to actively create the life we really want NOW. We cannot waste life going through the motions or living our lives for someone else. We have to define what kind of life we truly want to live and who we truly want to be and go after that with everything we've got. We've got to be intentional. We've got to be honest. We've got to be brave. We've got to say "YES" to our dreams and say "NO" to fear. We have to live boldly, passionately, and authentically... We have to live our TRUTH. Truthful living is a process, but if you commit to honoring your truth you will experience a sense of freedom, joy, and wholeness like never before! Life is short, sister. You know this. So we encourage you to say it, feel it, do it, think it, and be it NOW. There isn’t always a later. We have to commit to making it a reality today. Make the NOW count.

So here’s to you and here’s to living your truth!